coachella baby

When our friend and ambassador, the GORGEOUS Poppy Delevingne, told us that she would be descending upon Coachella Music Festival with over 15 of her closest girlfriends we couldn’t resist reaching out to the British mega-babe and bespoking each of her fabulous hens or “bachelorettes” a pair of our signature knickers embroidered with each of her hens names on them. Knowing that Poppy is a uber-fan of the movie True Romance we stuck to fuscia and turquoise for her knickers and embroidered the names of Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung  [to name but a few…] on the front!


After (somehow) freeing herself from the grasps of Coachella, Poppy and her long term partner James Cook were married not once but TWICE. The first glamorous wedding took place at St. Pauls in London with a equally glam reception at Kensington Palace Gardens. The second, with more of a hippy-vibed ceremony was held in none other than Morrocco’s bustling Marrakesh just one week after their first celebration. Sipping cocktails by the pool, romantic camel rides and dancing till dawn…doesn’t sound too shabby does it? we love poppypoppy

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